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July 11, 2016

Status Update: Grad School

by thebirdieflies

It has been … a couple of years since I last blogged. I’m in grad school now, close to finishing actually, and I barely get time to keep up my writing in this blog.
I didn’t have tons of regular readers anyway, and the ones I had, I stay in touch through THEIR blog, so that’s that.
As of now, I don’t know if/when I will get back to writing in this blog. I started it at a particularly strange point in my life, and wrote whenever I felt the need to escape from my life into a parallel blogverse. Thankfully I’m out of that phase now, and perhaps that means I’m better at handling strange life situations too – although I think it’s mostly the fact that I don’t have the liberty to escape from my life (and responsibilities) any longer.

I think it helps that I have super cool friends (even though I often default on my social obligations to stay in touch with them), and an extremely patient partner, who has stuck with me through a lot of thin, and very little thick. I still don’t understand why he does that – other than his “we shouldn’t abandon ship the moment the smallest thing goes wrong” ideology.
(True, but he stayed onboard even when the ship seemed to have been struck by huge-ass icebergs every now and then, and he wasn’t even the captain at that time – by which I mean, even at the very start of the relationship. Strange, but good for me.)

But hey, now you know what I’ve been up to!

February 21, 2014


by thebirdieflies

I like writing letters.

Letters, not emails.

Pieces of paper with my scrawls and my thoughts and my phrasing and re-phrasing and my post-scripts and after-thoughts.

Then I will carefully put them in an envelope, stick a stamp or two, and send them on their way. To someone, who, like me, likes receiving mail in the post. Not email in the inbox. But real mail. And who will read it and will like it despite the handwriting that comes from not having written anything in ages, or the language that comes from not having a Backspace key.

And who will, maybe, write one back to me!

February 9, 2014


by thebirdieflies

I finished a book after a really long time. A difficult book, at that.

Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokv.

The theme is a little creepy. The book is full of many innuendos. Sometimes I wasn’t sure if I was reading too much into the words, or there really was all that double meaning.

Verdict: Despite the theme that often sent shivers down my spine, I enjoyed the wordplay, the rambling narrative and the subjective descriptions like you were inside the narrator’s head. Indeed, the innuendos and references to sexual encounters are what keep you reading through the sometimes overly descriptive prose.

I want to read more books now.

Meanwhile, many unread blog posts pile up in my inbox. Fear not, I’ll get to them one of these days.

January 2, 2014

A Leap of Faith

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

Now and then, you need to take a leap of faith.

Start off small – maybe tell a new friend something about yourself and see how they react.

Sometimes they will be rewarded. But quite often they won’t be, and you will end up feeling stupid.

But well, I don’t need to tell you that – you are, after all, the girl who is the first to tell your crush that you like them!

Putting the ball right back in their court, haha. 😉


Present Me


November 10, 2013

Twenty Three Hours and Counting

by thebirdieflies

I don’t mean to boast or anything, but it has so far been 23 hours without food or water.

Had some bet with a friend. He did 24. I’m going to do 32.

Signs of dehydration – headache for the past 5-6 hours, dry lips, coated tongue and tiredness

I’m not technically thirsty, but I know that if I put water in my mouth, I’m probably going to end up drinking it.

Just need to hold out for a wee bit more. \m/

Oh, and this has already broken my personal record – I’ve never before done any fast, or refrained from eating when I felt like it. 🙂

April 14, 2013

by thebirdieflies

I read a blog-friend’s post on depression two days back.

He came out about his depression on his blog quite recently, but his last post kind of shook me.

Long story short, I’m beginning to feel like I might have depressive tendencies too. Trust me, it’s not hypochondria. I asked A about it and he verified it too. He said he thought the same when he read the post.

The trouble is, I’m almost absolutely certain that I’m not a full-blown depressive, I just have similar tendencies. But I will have to keep trying to outsmart my brain which will only be happy to accept it as an excuse to give up when things go downhill.


March 29, 2013

Looking Back

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

Someday you are going to look back at some part of your life and regret not having dome something.
Not having punched that guy in his face.
Not having taken time out to travel when you still could.
Not having kept at playing the guitar.
Not having made the most of the opportunities that were presented to you.

The way I see it right now, there are two things you can do about it:
1. Don’t give yourself more reasons for regret.
2. Wherever you wish you had only known better, give someone else that advantage of knowing better.

Just make sure you don’t overdo #2 to the point that people think you’re annoying, and that the advice you give is actually unwanted.


Present Me

January 1, 2013


by thebirdieflies


Happy new year y’all. I’m back from a pretty fascinating trip, a lot of which involved boats and sailing. And a tiger!

I intend to write more frequently this year.

November 16, 2012

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

If you decide to have children, do let them know that school isn’t something to make a big deal about.

Let them know that the real world has bigger problems than not doing homework or not scoring good marks, or not wearing your uniform properly.

Let them know that school is only there to teach them five important things: reading, writing, basic arithmetic, logical reasoning and appreciation of social sciences.

That there are more important things in life than being the best student.

That one will soon outgrow most school friends, but being able to interact in social situations is something to keep for life.

That teachers are only humans, and one shouldn’t take them too seriously – they have their own prejudices, their own beliefs, their own sensibilities and they might not be right all the time. It is more important to develop your Own beliefs, sensibilities, morals, and be able to stand up for what you believe.

Above all, if you decide to have children, make sure you don’t them treat them as a child all the time.


Present Me

November 12, 2012


by thebirdieflies

I just read a post on death and loss.

I’m fucking scared of death. I’m scared of death coming to my loved ones. You can say, I’m scared of dead people.

But it’s not just dead people.

I’m scared of being left alone.

Sometimes when I’m alone in a crowded place and seemingly lost, I have to fight hard to prevent myself from crying. I’m scared of being lost and of no one ever finding me again.

I’m scared of being left alone. Not just when I’m cranky and bitchy, but left alone for good.

I’m scared of loving people and having them die.