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January 1, 2014

Yet Another Year Goes By

by thebirdieflies

I’m not one for new year resolutions, but when I saw photos from my yoga days, I decided I have got to start doing it again.

The last year has been full of ups and downs – meeting lots of new people, going to new places, finally deciding what I will do in life,  breaking up with A, losing a grandmother, but to end it all, coming to the marvelous conclusion that my life is what I make of it, and resolving to take more time out to do what I like doing best – exploring, discovering, learning.

I’ve been to more new places (1. the new city where I interned at, 2. the Tibetan settlement, 3. the two hilly, misty, foggy places, 4. the place where I went to for the sports tournament) the last year than any other year ever, and I hope that I can continue to trump the number every successive year from now on!

After a while, you come to realize that you’re only 22 (almost!), and you can still do tons of awesome, potentially embarrassing things (like crashing formal dinners meant for professors and sleeping on the classroom floor) without having to feel even the slightest bit embarrassed about any of it! You can get lost and find the way (and yourself) again, you can be completely clueless and land up in a city where you don’t speak the language, you can go driving without a destination in mind – things which make memories, epic memories.

I sound so high on life, haha.

I’ll end this post with a photo from one of the places I went to this December:


And wish all of you a kick-ass new year!

August 27, 2013

It Has Been a While

by thebirdieflies

It really has, hasn’t it? I even forgot what to type into my browser today, when I decided at last to tell my blog readers that I am indeed alive and kicking.

A lot has happened in the past three, four, five, months.

My on again, off again relationship with A has finally stabilized to an ‘off’ state. And I found a way to be okay with that.

I have more or less decided on what I want to do with life. I have decided that perhaps pursuing a PhD is really what I want to do, apart from trekking and photography and baking.  Towards that end, I gave the GRE and did pretty well by most standards. But, maybe it’s not time for a PhD right now, maybe after a few years, once I’m certain that I can produce some original research.

I made a new set of incredible friends, and somehow fell in love with them. That also made me resolve to try hard to make my other friendships stronger.

I lost one of my grandmothers. I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that I will never see her again. I don’t know how to.

I stayed in a new city for two months, and fell in love with it. I’m back home now, but memories of the amazing times I had there will stay with me forever.

I don’t know if I will be blogging regularly. I am trying to cut out crap from my life, such as extended periods of Facebooking, in order to make time for more meaningful things. It will be my last year in college, and I want to spend it such that when I go away, I will miss the place. I realized recently that missing a place, or people doesn’t mean that you lost something – it means that you lost something that, for a while, made your life really amazing. It is better to love wildly and lose a part of you and hurt badly, than to move through life without feeling anything, neither hurt, nor pure happiness.

September 13, 2012

I’m still alive folks!

by thebirdieflies

In case you thought I was dead, that is.

I’ve taken up a course overload and that is my excuse for most things.

“I can’t participate in a programming contest because I have a course overload AND I’m designing the college magazine.”

Remember this post? Seems like I achieved #2 after all! 😉

In other news, I’ve been a-baking. You want to see photos of my totally delicious chocolate chip cookies and pinwheel cookies?




And me, after a sweaty marathon-training run. HALF-marathon, if you want to be specific.


See? I’m still alive. Running and baking and studying and designing and generally feeling very happy about life. :’)

July 22, 2012

One Week More

by thebirdieflies

One week more, and A will be BACK. Whew.
At first, I hadn’t thought it was possible to survive without seeing him for so long. After about a month, I stopped fretting, mostly because of the vacation!

Almost Every time I encountered something new and exciting, I’d put it on a mental list of Things To Do With A When He’S Back.
1. Book Cafe! Technically, it’s a cafe inside the same store as a bookstore, not really a book cafe. But A Loves book cafes, in whatever form.
2. Homemade pizzas from scratch! We shall bake that together.
3. RAINBOW CAKES :’) – We shall bake that together too.
4. Trying that new cuisine – I’d actually planned to go there with another friend of mine. But when I told A about that, he threw a fit – “You don’t go ANYWHERE cool with me! You have the most awesome “dates” with OTHER people. I DEMAND TO GO THERE WITH YOU!”
So let’s see what comes of that 😛
5. Bake him a cheeeeeesecaaaaake! I recently made one that was actually very nice and edible. Still not like a good cheesecake, but closer to it that my first attempt. So of course, all my friends are Expecting that I get some for them on the first day of college. Whether that actually happens though, remains to be seen. 😛
6. The most delicious hugs will be back in town! *melts*
7. Taking him to that new Tibetan restaurant.
8. Must check out that TACO AND BURRITO BAR I spied one night, and the various ice cream parlours near that.

Well well, the last few days of my summer vacations shall be busy, but HIGHLY enjoyable and I will have my very own KINDLE.

In other news, a guy with a name similar to someone I know commented on a post and I went into major freak-out mode. At first I wondered how he got here. Then I password protected a few personal posts on this blog. Then I read that boy’s blog and I realized that it’s not the same person after all 😀

July 4, 2012

50 Things to do Before Graduating

by thebirdieflies

I came across a list of 50 things that the website has compiled. Some of them seem interesting.

I’m striking out the ones that I’ve done, and bolding the ones that I think I should do sometime!

1. Feed the campus wildlife – Haven’t done that, but I’ve fed a stray dog or so. Does it count?

2. Have an epic karaoke night at your house using just YouTube, booze, and your natural star quality

3. Go on a date with someone you would normally say no to – give them a chance

4. Hand in an essay early

5. Busk on campus for a charity (even if you have zero talent)

6. Teach someone something

7. Read a book that isn’t study-related

8. Hire a bike for a week and see how it works out for youHire a bike? I Own one!

9. Study in every library that exists at your university (like you’re ‘on tour’ – but studying)Only one, hah!

10. Drive to a beach. Swim. (If your uni is miles away from the coast, you’ll just have to stay over) – I just did that in my last vacation! Yay! Didn’t go from the uni though.

11. Make your own booze

12. Go to a university sports team’s game. Get vocal and animated with your support.

13. Have an incredibly elaborate picnic on a uni green space one lunch time

14. Sit in on a lecture that’s completely out of your field, but that you’ve always been fascinated by – Done that! Went to a lecture my friend had to attend – she’s in MED SCHOOL!

15. Join a society for something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got round to

16. Apply for internships and jobs

17. Turn up at a 9 am lecture along with all the other students dressed in your PJs and dressing gowns

18. Go to the careers office and speak to them completely honestly – whatever your thoughts and fears, loves and hates…

19. Go on a weekend country jaunt with friends – get as remote as possible

20. Start a conga at a big union night. See how long you can get it, before leading it as far from the music as possible (if you can get it to a house party or another club night, you can officially retire from doing stuff. Your work here is done)

21. Go and see the art departments’ end of year shows

22. Go to a play put on by the drama department or a uni society

23. Get involved in a play or some kind of performance (e.g. fashion show, etc.)

24. Visit all historical building and monuments in your town (including churches)

25. Go out sober and dance all night (at least once, repeat as required)

26. Swim in a fountain (campus if possible, town will do)

27. Go paddling on a hot day

28. Hold your own Come Dine With Me with other student houses

29. Take part in a protest

30. Write in to the uni radio station or newspaper

31. Dress up! As a fictional character, an animal – anything

32. If you think a lecture was particularly good, try and instigate a standing ovation

33. Do something – anything! – silly, for charity – I thought it was silly but I had to do it anyway, cuz I was volunteering with a charity organization.

34. Give your parents a in depth tour of all the great stuff you do and love at University (It’ll make for an amazing trip for them, and make them feel happy whenever they think of you at uni)

35. Have a sleepover

36. Play an elaborate prank on a housemate

37. Win a pub quiz (whatever it takes)

38. Make a kite and fly it

39. Have an 80s montage house cleaning session, with appropriate outfits and music blaring

40. Go on a blind date

41. Find out the names of all those people you know far too well to not know their names

42. Dye your hair

43. Sleep out under the stars

44. Make a movie starring your friends and your favourite places

45. Celebrate something by doing the classic shake up a bottle of champagne and spraying it all over yourself and everywhere (or at least do it with sparkling wine..!)

46. Make friends with a student from a country you’ve never known someone from or been to before

47. Go inside (and have a little explore of) every building that is part of the university

48. Become a wise mentor for a Fresher doing your course. Tell them what you wish you’d known


49. Learn a new sport or instrument or activity that you never thought you would‘Twas yoga for me!

50. Get loads of discounts, free things and cool stuff by joining the UK’s largest student money saving club, of course! – I don’t live in the UK :/

18 out of 50 is my score!

May 27, 2012

Protected: Memories

by thebirdieflies

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

May 26, 2012


by thebirdieflies

Look, look I’m eating a plateful of red juicy watermelons.

I’m extra excited because they look all cubical and geometric and box-like and so symmetric :’)

Except that one in the corner out of which I took a fork-bite (ie., similar to a bite, but using a fork).

April 25, 2012

Guess what, I won an award!

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

Look, look, I won an award. It’s this blog’s first. I am extremely proud.

According to the rules, I must link it back to the person who awarded it to me, and then, nominate 6 more bloggers.

Well, I have tried to link it back to the awardee, The Drunk Archer (there, if the above image hyperlink doesn’t work, this one surely will).
And I’m going to say something about her, because this is my blog and I can! 😀
I don’t quite remember how I found her blog, but what made me hit the Follow button was:
1. She wrote with a lot of wit.
2. She is the only blogger among the the ones I currently follow who is around my age. Or at least, nearEST (since the concept of near is relative. The moon is *near* to earth on the cosmic scale, but still too far for most of us to visit). And she writes about stuff I can really relate to!
3. She posts frequently enough.
4. I like reading what she writes.

I don’t follow too many blogs at the moment, so I might not be able to come up with 6 nominees. 😐
And the nominees ARE…!

1. The Drunk Archer – For all of the above reasons and more! Though this might be cheating under the rules of the award, but bah who cares! 😀
2. Nicole – I may not always agree with what she writes, but it is interesting to read the opposite point-of-view sometimes. Plus, she’s an objectivist (which I like), and her dog’s really cute.
3. Skipping Stones – Lighthearted posts, interesting quotes and photos! Hah.
4. Mehernaz – She’s forgotten to write to me, perhaps this will remind her I exist. I wish she blogged more often. I told A about her emailing me and I read out my favourite parts to him. He didn’t believe I was Not reading out My reply because he said it sounded a lot like how I used to write earlier. :’)

Lots of love
Past Me
P.S. I gave this some thought, and I figured that it should be ‘Present Me’. Because I’m writing in the present and addressing it to someone in the future. Either I address it to the present, then it would be by someone in the past; but not this past/future limbo (in fact, the part between past and future IS the present).

April 2, 2012

Aaand, that’s a SAVE!

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

We had a soccer match today. It was intra-college soccer, with teams of 5, each half of 8 minutes and a small field.
My team was in the group stage and we had to either win or draw today’s match to qualify to the next round.

It sounds easy, right?
We’d once lost against the same team in last year’s tournament. And we’d lost really badly. 4-0 or some such score.

I knew it would be a shame if we were to lose today. We had it so easy. We just had to prevent a goal. But we were after all facing a team that could bulldoze its way past us, to the goal.

To put it in a nutshell:
1. We drew 0-0.
2. The opposite team’s defender kicked really high, and being amateurs that we were, 3 times our arms unfortunately touched the ball and we fouled.
3. One such time, the opposite team was awarded a penalty kick. This was their one big chance to score. We held our breaths and cursed them mentally and hah, they missed!
4. One of their strikers, their team’s bulldozers, knocked all of us about. She elbowed me in my solar plexus, she blocked our paths, she pulled us out of the way.
5. I received two direct hits: one to my abdomen, and one to my forehead that knocked me off balance like a rag doll. Head’s still hurting, but my brain’s fully functional.
6. The first half of the game, the opposite team was really laid back. Maybe they were trying to make us complacent, but we saw through it and were fully prepared for the second half in which they were aggressive like hell.
7. During the last 5 minutes of the game, we just kept kicking the ball outside the field. They’d get a corner, we’d intercept and kick it out. Best. Strategy. Ever. (when you’re playing against a team as amateur as you)
8. The rush of beating a team you’d once lost to, is Amazing.

Wish me luck, I’m the team captain.
I know not when the next match shall be, but I hope we win that too.
In fact, I’ve been thinking about starting to run in the evenings in order to improve my stamina. Not just for these matches, they’re not that big a deal, but you know, a good stamina never hurt anybody.

In the end, I shall leave you with a photo from today.



Do you recognize your 20-year-old self? Do you like how you used to look? Do you like how you look now?


Past Me

March 3, 2012

It has been long

by thebirdieflies

It has been ages and ages since I last blogged.
I feel bad about that because it’s only when I write regularly will I ever write well. When I first started blogging at the age of 12, I wrote a lot of crap, but over a year or two, I improved hugely and I believe that was my best period of writing ever. When I read what I wrote at that time, I feel very impressed with my younger self.

However, it has to be noted that I have been doing a lot of Important things in the meantime. What important things, you ask?

1. I have finally decided to take control of my life. Stop wasting time. Start taking time out for things that are extremely worthwhile, but that get lost in the never-ending flow of work deadlines. Things that most people relegate to ‘hobby’ activities, activities to be pursued only when free, not something that you strive to take time out for.
The decision to systematically include such activities in my schedule makes me feel important as well. Look at me! I’m so adult, so grown-up! I’m not wasting time on useless things like stalking people on Facebook (okay, I must admit I still do that) or playing video games!
I read an interview of Umberto Eco once, and he said that he manages to accomplish so many things because he fills in minutes that would otherwise go waste. So if he’s expecting a guest, and he’s waiting for them to come, he’ll still get something done in those few minutes. One minute at a time, and you end up saving hours!

2. So I’ve got Adobe Illustrator, I’ve got Adobe Photoshop, and I will learn designing!

3. I joined a photography game (complete with deadlines and all) so that I actively incorporate more photography into my life. Photography is important to me. I want to be good at it. It may come across as thinking too highly of myself, but I honestly think I’m a good photographer already. Where I lose out is on not practicing it more often. The more you practice, the better you become, right? I have a natural talent for taking good photos, a good eye for what makes a good photo, but unless I see others’ works, learn from them, unless I advance my current capabilities, I will stagnate. Photography isn’t just knowing how to take good photos of things that exist (that is a good thing to know though), it also involves designing a photograph. You don’t just capture beauty, you create it. I’ve seen so many good photos of absolutely ordinary things. It’s the way that the photo is taken that makes those objects a visual treat.

I must make most of the photographing opportunities that I get. In fact, I must create more opportunities for myself, they won’t come strolling around on the street, now will they?

4. I blogged previously about my IMDB Top 250 Movies efforts. I’ve advanced it slightly. Now that I have slightly more time, I will be able to advance it more, hopefully.

5. I applied for an internship in one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I worked quite hard for that. And if I may say so, I think I wrote a good application. It just remains to be seen how well it is compared to the other applications. This thing had been keeping me busy for the past few days. I would sleep at 4 am, try to squeeze in more work on that in the day, as well as keep up with my academic schedule. I’m really glad I’m done with it, and I’m happy with what I submitted. It represents a fair amount of work on my part, and I never thought I’d write it that well in the beginning, so I have crossed my own expectations already.
Even if I don’t get selected, I will still be happy with my application, knowing fully well that I really couldn’t have written it any better.

6. Baking: yes, I bake. I haven’t found time for it so far since it requires a good few hours free together, and recently that internship application had been keeping me very busy. Tomorrow, I leave for a college trip. But after that, I have 2-3 days off, so I will try my hand at that then.

7. Writing, of course. I haven’t blogged much, but I did write a short story after a very long time. It’s a good one, given how badly I was stagnating. Though obviously it’s not great. I’m not happy with it, just merely satisfied for having found time among everything else to write a half-decent piece that is, for a change, complete! I love writing short stories, I intend to write more of those. Fantasy stories with unexpected endings are what I like writing best.

That is all for now. I must bathe, then pack for the trip. We’re leaving at 3 am tomorrow! It shall be fun. A road trip. 😀