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July 11, 2016

Status Update: Grad School

by thebirdieflies

It has been … a couple of years since I last blogged. I’m in grad school now, close to finishing actually, and I barely get time to keep up my writing in this blog.
I didn’t have tons of regular readers anyway, and the ones I had, I stay in touch through THEIR blog, so that’s that.
As of now, I don’t know if/when I will get back to writing in this blog. I started it at a particularly strange point in my life, and wrote whenever I felt the need to escape from my life into a parallel blogverse. Thankfully I’m out of that phase now, and perhaps that means I’m better at handling strange life situations too – although I think it’s mostly the fact that I don’t have the liberty to escape from my life (and responsibilities) any longer.

I think it helps that I have super cool friends (even though I often default on my social obligations to stay in touch with them), and an extremely patient partner, who has stuck with me through a lot of thin, and very little thick. I still don’t understand why he does that – other than his “we shouldn’t abandon ship the moment the smallest thing goes wrong” ideology.
(True, but he stayed onboard even when the ship seemed to have been struck by huge-ass icebergs every now and then, and he wasn’t even the captain at that time – by which I mean, even at the very start of the relationship. Strange, but good for me.)

But hey, now you know what I’ve been up to!