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April 8, 2014

It’s Time to Say Goodbye

by thebirdieflies




Had our Farewell a few days back. Over here, a farewell is different from a convocation, with the latter being more formal and held after our degrees have been awarded.

A farewell is just an excuse to dress up, take lots of photos, get together with your batchmates and your juniors, and have fuuuuun.

It was a good night.

And I love the sari. šŸ™‚

April 3, 2014


by thebirdieflies

What I wouldn’t give for all of this to be an extremely cruel, extremely elaborateĀ April Fools’ prank.

Or a bad, bad, feels-too-real kind of dream. It certainly feels dream-like, at times.

What I wouldn’t give to turn back time. JustĀ one week.

And I can see why owning the Resurrection Stone would drive someone crazy.

Sometimes I imagine my grandparents, reunited finally, quarreling away to glory over board games’ rules somewhere.

ButĀ this only exists in my memories now.