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September 11, 2013

Work for Money or Love?

by thebirdieflies

I had this conversation with A the other day, about choosing work that you enjoyed doing. To me, going for a job just for the money, but one that doesn’t interest you, is being a sell-out. But in A’s opinion, jobs areĀ meant for earning money so it would be silly to not take that into account.

Another opinion I’ve heard in the past is that careers are but a small part of your life, and should not dictate how you live. So it is completely okay to work your ass off for a job you dislike. Just you know, do other things that interest you too. So you need not make everything you enjoy into a career. That makes sense too.

One way of looking at it is working not just for yourselves, but for others. If you enjoy your work, you’re more productive, and hence you’re producing a much higher output than you might have otherwise. In the end, our lives are not solitary, and the work we do is one stitch in the larger fabric of society. But to what extent would you consider this when choosing a career? Would you work for money or love? Why?