by thebirdieflies

I read a blog-friend’s post on depression two days back.

He came out about his depression on his blog quite recently, but his last post kind of shook me.

Long story short, I’m beginning to feel like I might have depressive tendencies too. Trust me, it’s not hypochondria. I asked A about it and he verified it too. He said he thought the same when he read the post.

The trouble is, I’m almost absolutely certain that I’m not a full-blown depressive, I just have similar tendencies. But I will have to keep trying to outsmart my brain which will only be happy to accept it as an excuse to give up when things go downhill.



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  1. looool… with the busy-ness in your life right now, sure you feel depressed. with time it’d work itself out… I’m sure.

  2. I think depression is way more common than is talked about. Very often we just barrel through it because what other choice do we have? But I’m beginning to understand how much my diet effects my hormones and whatever else it is that contributes to depression.

    • Yeah, hormones do contribute to depression.

      Diet as well as exercise, both affect depression. Exercise causes what is known as ‘runner’s high’ or something, which makes you feel very happy about yourself (or at least, does to me) 🙂

      • I just started going to the gym last month and it’s been helping. Especially this week, I got my food back under control (for now) and I’ve felt progressively better.

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