Christmas cards

by thebirdieflies

It has been nearly a month since I posted a Christmas card to Drunken Archer. However, it seems like she may not have received it 😦

I put in a fair amount of work into this card, and I wouldn’t like for her to not even get to see how it looked, so tada! There you go –

A Christmas Card for Taiwo

I hope you like in. It became slightly messy, but the tree is a nice one, innit? 😀


5 Comments to “Christmas cards”

  1. Gorgeous.
    I always make my own cards.
    Except for this year! No time!
    And that reminds me… you asked for my address, and I totally ignored you, didn’t I? My apologies. Business was nuts, and I was an absent bitch. Please forgive.
    Happy (belated) Christmas. xo

    • Making cards is so much fun :’)

      Yeah, you ignored me so badly, I’m not letting you off so easy 😛
      Writing out your own address hardly takes 2 minutes. Also, there was a certain email I’d sent you something like a year ago that you never replied to either!

  2. awwn….. Its SOOOO prettty!!!! Wow!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you!!! :*

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