Mon Anniversaire

by thebirdieflies

My birthday wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped it would be.

It started off on the wrong foot. My friend reminded me that I would be receiving a lot of phone calls at midnight, and my first instinct was dread. I dreaded the awkward phone calls from friends who aren’t exactly friends. With whom I don’t talk much. At least not on phone.

I dreaded conversations with little content, and fake enthusiasm.
“Happy birthday!”
“Okay bye.”

I got quite a few of those.

The rest of the day followed in these footsteps.

I don’t usually give a lot of importance to birthdays. Why did I have to this time?


4 Comments to “Mon Anniversaire”

  1. 😦 you should have sounded more enthusiastic now…. I don’t know how to write: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” now withtout it seeming cliche to you…

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