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January 10, 2013

Christmas cards

by thebirdieflies

It has been nearly a month since I posted a Christmas card to Drunken Archer. However, it seems like she may not have received it 😦

I put in a fair amount of work into this card, and I wouldn’t like for her to not even get to see how it looked, so tada! There you go –

A Christmas Card for Taiwo

I hope you like in. It became slightly messy, but the tree is a nice one, innit? 😀

January 8, 2013

Mon Anniversaire

by thebirdieflies

My birthday wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped it would be.

It started off on the wrong foot. My friend reminded me that I would be receiving a lot of phone calls at midnight, and my first instinct was dread. I dreaded the awkward phone calls from friends who aren’t exactly friends. With whom I don’t talk much. At least not on phone.

I dreaded conversations with little content, and fake enthusiasm.
“Happy birthday!”
“Okay bye.”

I got quite a few of those.

The rest of the day followed in these footsteps.

I don’t usually give a lot of importance to birthdays. Why did I have to this time?

January 2, 2013

Twenty One

by thebirdieflies

I’m about to officially be in my twenties. Not at the boundary anymore. They seem like a frightful period.

You are supposed to get things going in your twenties! You need to know what’s your career going to be, you need to finish college, you need to set the foundation for the rest of your life.

You might even *shh* marry.

I know nothing about any of it, and I suddenly feel like I’m being forced to grow up. Once I do my Masters, my career kind of gets fixed. There is usually not much room to change direction, unless you start your own business.

Some of my plans for my twenties are:

1. My own house!
2. Get a job!
3. Finish college.
4. Earn and save up and take at least One awesome trip to many countries in the world.
5. Buy a dSLR camera, finally. And an amazing zoom lens, and a prime lens.
6. Have a pet. Maybe a kitten.
7. Continue to stay in touch with friends and family.

Twenties are so talked about. You do a lot of experimentation then, you make lots of mistakes and learn from them, it’s almost like the period of time reserved for you to go wild before settling down into your thirties. Thirties seem comparatively more sedate, and mature.

I don’t know how my twenties will go for me. My teens were Not the way I would have liked for them to be.

I want to keep A with me in my twenties, that’s not something I can deny anymore. The question is, will I make bad choices because I so badly want to keep him with me?

Is it a good idea to want something so long-lasting right now? When everything is so transient. Nobody knows where we will end up for post-grad. Maybe in different countries. I am being so stupid, but denial doesn’t do anyone any good, and accepting the above has only given me permission to daydream more about it. Bleh.

In the meantime, here’s me, on Christmas. With a slightly wonky smile. Hi, y’all. 🙂

Hi, y'all!


January 1, 2013


by thebirdieflies


Happy new year y’all. I’m back from a pretty fascinating trip, a lot of which involved boats and sailing. And a tiger!

I intend to write more frequently this year.