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November 16, 2012

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

If you decide to have children, do let them know that school isn’t something to make a big deal about.

Let them know that the real world has bigger problems than not doing homework or not scoring good marks, or not wearing your uniform properly.

Let them know that school is only there to teach them five important things: reading, writing, basic arithmetic, logical reasoning and appreciation of social sciences.

That there are more important things in life than being the best student.

That one will soon outgrow most school friends, but being able to interact in social situations is something to keep for life.

That teachers are only humans, and one shouldn’t take them too seriously – they have their own prejudices, their own beliefs, their own sensibilities and they might not be right all the time. It is more important to develop your Own beliefs, sensibilities, morals, and be able to stand up for what you believe.

Above all, if you decide to have children, make sure you don’t them treat them as a child all the time.


Present Me

November 12, 2012


by thebirdieflies

I just read a post on death and loss.

I’m fucking scared of death. I’m scared of death coming to my loved ones. You can say, I’m scared of dead people.

But it’s not just dead people.

I’m scared of being left alone.

Sometimes when I’m alone in a crowded place and seemingly lost, I have to fight hard to prevent myself from crying. I’m scared of being lost and of no one ever finding me again.

I’m scared of being left alone. Not just when I’m cranky and bitchy, but left alone for good.

I’m scared of loving people and having them die.