I’m still alive folks!

by thebirdieflies

In case you thought I was dead, that is.

I’ve taken up a course overload and that is my excuse for most things.

“I can’t participate in a programming contest because I have a course overload AND I’m designing the college magazine.”

Remember this post? Seems like I achieved #2 after all! 😉

In other news, I’ve been a-baking. You want to see photos of my totally delicious chocolate chip cookies and pinwheel cookies?




And me, after a sweaty marathon-training run. HALF-marathon, if you want to be specific.


See? I’m still alive. Running and baking and studying and designing and generally feeling very happy about life. :’)


2 Comments to “I’m still alive folks!”

  1. well… For one second, i thought you were dead but in retrospect you’re living the life!!! Plenty of envy from this side of the world… Lol. Have fun!!!

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