My First WIAW

by thebirdieflies

This post is entirely dedicated to Nicole because it is only since she asked, that I took photos of what I ate and am now posting them!

This is her WIAW post for this week.

She is, in her words, “a bulimic mafia”. I am, in her words, “a civilian”. And the following foods are what I generally eat. Also, it is to be noted, that I forgot to photograph Many of my little snacks and meals. If you don’t see a photo of breakfast, unless specified, it doesn’t mean I didn’t eat any, it only means that I forgot to photograph it.

Breakfast, Wednesday 1st August – 4 of these butter cookies! I’d woken up late that day, and I tried to wait and just have lunch, but I was really hungry.


Evening “snack”, Wednesday 1st August – Watermelon + baked biscuit-type-things. Not pictured: A bowl of stir fried vegetables that I made myself! I was so proud. But they didn’t turn out too well and I haven’t made more since then 😛

Also had: Iced tea! Wait, let me show you how big the mug really is…

Tada! Yeah, I like iced tea 🙂

Breakfast part I, Thursday 2nd August – Watermelon!

Breakfast part II, Thursday 2nd August – Scrambled eggs with tomato and onion. I like to eat them as it is. The book, I believe, is either ‘Collected Short Stories by Jeffrey Archer’, or ‘Solitaire Mystery’ by Jostein Gaarder.


Evening snack, Thursday 2nd August – A packaged ice cream cone! Only because I was hungry, and it was lying in the fridge. Lately, the appeal of ice cream has worn off a bit.
And washed down with a huge mug of iced tea!


Evening snack, Friday, 3rd August – A bowl of packaged Chinese Sweet Corn Soup. Again, it was convenience food, because I So prefer freshly made soup :’)

Breakfast, Saturday 4th August – Egg paratha, which is paratha with egg on one side. I eat it with ketchup (not pictured).

Lunch, Saturday 4th August – Homemade pizza :’) (made by me and A)
This is A’s pizza, because I’d finished mine by the time I remembered to take a photo. Mine was equally big, about 8-9″ in diameter, just a lot more CHEESY! It has olives, sweet corn, chicken salami, onions, tomatoes, capsicum and mushroom. Some herbs went on top and a whole lot of mozzarella cheese.

Late-lunch-cum-evening-snack Saturday 4th August – Homemade stuffed garlic bread (made by me and A)! It has mushrooms, cheese, sweet corn, olives and oregano seasoning inside it.
Its meal status is confusing/confused because not only was the pizza part of a late lunch, but the garlic bread was even later. We were anyway so stuffed that we just managed to eat like a slice each, when it came fresh out of the oven, all brown and crunchy (you can’t see the brown-ness very well in this photo).

One big slice of this became breakfast, Sunday 5th August.

Breakfast, Monday 6th August – Rice and pokchoy/mushroom/some other stuff in black bean sauce. I don’t normally eat rice so early in the morning (no particular reason, I just don’t like to), but I wasn’t much in the mood to make something fresh. This was Sunday night’s Chinese takeout dinner’s leftovers.

Lunch, Monday 6th August – Spaghetti with tomato and chicken. Not pictured: 3 large glasses of lemonade + minestrone soup.

I literally ate so much, I had to throw up.
Partly because I dislike wasting food. And partly because I was the only one left so I kinda just shovelled food into my mouth because I hate being the only one left eating. I hate not being able to have a leisurely lunch where I can eat at my own comfortable pace. I like A; he finishes what I can’t eat but he wasn’t there that day. 😥



Evening snack part I, Monday 6th August – Watermelon. It’s my post-yoga-class staple. But I eat it a lot otherwise as well 🙂


Evening snack part II, Monday 6th August – Chocolate cake. ‘Twas my brother’s birthday. Not pictured: chicken tikka.

I’ve realized how misleading calling it an “evening snack” is. It’s not a “snack”. It’s almost a full-fledged meal.

Yet I manage to have dinner after this.


Lunch, Tuesday 7th August – Biryani leftover from Monday night. So yes, it’s also Monday dinner.


Evening MEAL, Tuesday, 7th August – Cake, lots of leftover chocolate cake! Yay!

And, that’s the end of the WIAW. Many photos have turned out crappy. My apologies. Many meals have gone undocumented. I really can’t help that, I’m not in the habit of taking photos of my meals. Many calories have been consumed. I look back on them and fondly remember :’)


2 Comments to “My First WIAW”

  1. I just stopped my car on the side of the road to read this most exciting post!!!!!!!!! 😀
    I was certain that you were going to mention that three big glasses of wine accompanied your spaghetti!!!!!!!!! Would have accompanied mine!!!
    My favourite part? THE KETCHUP.
    I love this and can’t wait to further examine the photographs upon returning home!
    Oh yes, lovely to see your hand! 😀
    What’s your favourite food in the world?
    And you really threw up? How did that make you feel?
    Yay for your inaugural WIAW!!! 😀

    • “I was certain that you were going to mention that three big glasses of wine accompanied your spaghetti!!!!!!!!!” – I had to drive 😛

      Ketchup and oregano seasoning. Almost everything in the world can be eaten with those two condiments 😛

      I’m so happy you love the post. I must admit, I was a teeny bit nervous. When I saw that you had commented, I think I held my breath for a moment!

      You know what, I don’t think I have a “favourite food in the world”! There are things I love in the dessert department and things I love in the appetizers department etc. Just one single thing would Never cut it for me. I’m a variety girl 😛
      What about you?

      Oh yes, I had to power-walk my way to the washroom to prevent myself from throwing up all over the floor. I felt really miserable as long as the uneasiness was there, but it went as soon as I threw up, and I felt very relieved. :’)

      Yaaaaaay for my inaugural WIAW! xoxo

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