One Week More

by thebirdieflies

One week more, and A will be BACK. Whew.
At first, I hadn’t thought it was possible to survive without seeing him for so long. After about a month, I stopped fretting, mostly because of the vacation!

Almost Every time I encountered something new and exciting, I’d put it on a mental list of Things To Do With A When He’S Back.
1. Book Cafe! Technically, it’s a cafe inside the same store as a bookstore, not really a book cafe. But A Loves book cafes, in whatever form.
2. Homemade pizzas from scratch! We shall bake that together.
3. RAINBOW CAKES :’) – We shall bake that together too.
4. Trying that new cuisine – I’d actually planned to go there with another friend of mine. But when I told A about that, he threw a fit – “You don’t go ANYWHERE cool with me! You have the most awesome “dates” with OTHER people. I DEMAND TO GO THERE WITH YOU!”
So let’s see what comes of that šŸ˜›
5. Bake him a cheeeeeesecaaaaake! I recently made one that was actually very nice and edible. Still not like a good cheesecake, but closer to it that my first attempt. So of course, all my friends are Expecting that I get some for them on the first day of college. Whether that actually happens though, remains to be seen. šŸ˜›
6. The most delicious hugs will be back in town! *melts*
7. Taking him to that new Tibetan restaurant.
8. Must check out that TACO AND BURRITO BAR I spied one night, and the various ice cream parlours near that.

Well well, the last few days of my summer vacations shall be busy, but HIGHLY enjoyable and I will have my very own KINDLE.

In other news, a guy with a name similar to someone I know commented on a post and I went into major freak-out mode. At first I wondered how he got here. Then I password protected a few personal posts on this blog. Then I read that boy’s blog and I realized that it’s not the same person after all šŸ˜€


7 Comments to “One Week More”

  1. Sounds like you are a Betty Crocker wannabe. šŸ˜‰

    • My inspiration is actually a young lady called ‘Joy The Baker’, she has a food blog and she bakes. The reason I like her is because she’s really cute (and very pretty), she writes with love, and her photographs make me want to try her recipes a lot!

      • love! Actually, the manager at the local Natural’s Store has a blog (which I just discovered yesterday when blabbing about my own, haha), and she’s so kind and sweet, too! I can’t remember the address, but it’s sitting in my car on a scrap of paper. I shall share it with you later because I firmly believe it’ll be something that you’ll enjoy (based upon her personality and food preferences). xo

      • Oh, cool! Do give me the address when you find it.

        Until then, I leave you with a link of vegan recipes that Joy does! She’s not really vegan, so most of her recipes are full of butter and chocolate and full fat cream, or about chicken and pork! But there are a few vegan recipes –

      • you are a dearie pie! thank you! šŸ˜€

    i live in continual fear of exactly how much to put on my blog too… i think everyone knows who i am… i have so many protected posts already. *sad sigh*

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