Things To Do

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

I have some additions to my last list of things to accomplish in my life. Continuing from where I left off:

9. Must skydive. I think you need to face your fear of heights. This is just one way of doing that, of course. Pick any other if you please, but this is so amazing in itself that it stays on my list.
10. Must go on a cruise ship! I’ve never stayed the night in a ship. Have always wanted to, though. You must make that happen.
11. Once the more important milestones of your life get covered, you should to just save up for travelling and visiting new and strange places. The way I scrimp and save for the dSLR, I want you to scrimp and save for amazing journeys. Travels are always worth splurging on. And if you don’t have something to save up for, in mind, you’d probably just spend all your money on things that aren’t as important as travelling, in life. Such as clothes. Tch tch.
12. Stay in touch with the people who matter! This usually goes without saying, but you may need reminding from time to time 🙂

Present Me


8 Comments to “Things To Do”

  1. Have you viewed “An Affair to Remember” starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr? If not, it’s your weekend assignment. You will be cruising within the year… and drinking pink champagne by Christmas. 🙂 x x x

  2. so much to do…. such little time i have got to get started on my list too. I’m almost 22!!!!

  3. I can TOTALLY appreciate point 9, so much so that I’ve in fact been calling up flight schools nearby asking them to let me jump off a plane. Sadly though, you can only do this once-in-a-year-ish-ly in India during some sort of Aero-Sport-Camp or something. So much for saving most of my intern stipend. 😦

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