My Food Philosophy

by thebirdieflies

I don’t have much of a food philosophy.

But I believe in one’s right to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian and I absolutely hate people who try to make me feel bad about that, or say stuff to me regarding what choice I make. The most logical reason for preferring non-vegetarian food, that I often use in such arguments is, even when you’re eating vegetarian food, you’re killing something. You’re killing the plants. I just don’t make a distinction between animals or plants. I mean, if that’s your logic. Whatever suits you, suits you. This suits me, I like to eat it, it’s not exactly very unhealthy (red meat is, so I eat that rarely) and it’s part of my diet 🙂
I’m not a very adventurous non-vegetarian. I don’t like fish, I eat pork and red meat rarely, and I’m not particularly fond of seafood except for crab and shrimp.

I’m pre-disposed to eat healthy. I don’t like greasy, fatty food. I can’t have much spicy food either.
Working within these parameters and eating home-cooked food regularly means that I’m pretty much free to eat anything.

My body’s also extremely kind to me in the sense that it doesn’t tolerate anything for too long. I can’t eat a lot of Anything in one go. I might have an intense craving for something in particular, but it dies down after eating a bit of it. There was one point of time when I was drinking fizzy sugary drinks with each meal. After a while, it started feeling strange. My teeth would feel like they were rotting, I’d feel full of the fizz and just like that, I stopped it, cold turkey, before it got the better of me. It’s not like I don’t drink fizzy sugary drinks any more. I just don’t drink them Everyday.

I used to be dependent on packaged foods some years back, living on soups made of soup powder and 2-minute noodles. Recently, I’ve stopped that too. I stopped that, because I no longer felt like eating it. I wanted fresh soup, freshly cooked noodles. Nothing out of a packet, nothing that takes less than 10 minutes to make. I think my body naturally knows when I’ve eaten too much of nothing good at all. Omniscient and all. 😛

Sometimes I feel I take my body for granted. I’ve always been proud of my immune system, and my system of eating. There’s almost nothing that I prevent myself from eating if I really really feel like eating it. That might seem like a very idea to many people, but you know, well, this food philosophy of mine serves me well 🙂

Just one thing I feel strongly about: Don’t give me shit about my food habits. I don’t need it. I can’t stand any of that crap about non-vegetarians being murderers or that I eat too little (because I don’t; I only eat as much as I can so maybe I’ve a tiny appetite but you telling me this won’t really change it, now will it?).

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4 Comments to “My Food Philosophy”

  1. Sounds to me like you’re doing alright! Everyone is different, so it’s silly to tell people that your way is the only good way. There are lots of naturally thin people out there, and contrary to what people like to believe, lots of naturally fat people.

    I tend toward overweight. I can lose weight, and have before, but my body just seems to hold on to it’s fat more. I am trying to eat healthier now, with no or few processed foods, more organic, etc. I think that is the more important thing, to put healthier things into my body. But I would never try to make others do what I do.

    I think we act that way out of love and concern, though. Not so much the militant vegetarian, though (at least ones i’ve met). That is just offensive to me, to call someone a murderer or whatnot because they eat meat.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen lots of people who’re naturally overweight. I just think you should never be so fat as to let that hinder your daily activities. And you should wear clothes that look good on you! It’s a little ridiculous when fat people wear thin people clothes, such as tight-fitting shirts 😛

      Yay for healthy eating!

      When my parents tell me to eat more, I know they’re telling me to eat out of concern, but there’s such a thing as overeating too. And everyone draws their limits differently.

  2. Yeah, we worry about people. But we have to remember that different people have different needs, but it’s so easy and natural to think that everyone is like us. I knew a girl once who just never had an appetite or even thought about eating. She had to make herself eat sometimes. That can be dangerous, but it you know your body, then you should be alright. I, on the other hand, think about food when I’m hungry and some days I seem to be hungry all day long. I think a lot of that is chemical and what we are eating. That’s one of the things I’m working on is getting the right things into my body so it’s satisfied and healthy.

    I agree about the clothes! Sometimes I wonder about people and what they must think they look like. I just dress normal; actually I could try harder. But I’ve never been much of a clothes person. But I can’t imagine having such a great self-image to be twice my weight and wearing mini skirts, tight shirts showing my just about everything… I’m not trying to be judgmental, but you either look good or you don’t.

    • Yeah I have friends like that. I know a guy who says eating is a waste of time! I’ve rarely seen him eat, and I hang out with often enough. Initially i used to wonder how someone can’t enjoy food or crave it, but after a while, I just let it be. If he says he doesn’t want to eat, I have no right to nag him about it after all. 😛

      I try too, to dress in clothes that suit me. I don’t wear tube tops because my armpit-area fat pops out, and I don’t wear dresses with an empire line because it makes me look pregnant 😛
      So yes, I think that’s much more important than being fashionable. In fact, that’s probably the first step in being fashionable!

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