by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

You know how you used to not want to do something but unwillingly gave in because you thought the other person seemed to have something of a point?
Well, A designed an algorithm and I’m writing it down here because you should try your best to remember it and apply it.
I must say, his algorithm is pretty fair.

For x being something that you don’t want to do,
Is it something that affects you?
Do you want to do it?
If the first answer is yes and the second answer is not yes (it may be ‘maybe’), then don’t do it.

It’s that simple.
A blanket ban on anything that you aren’t comfortable doing.
Not comfortable getting a lift from strangers?
Not comfortable going to that party?
Not comfortable wearing the clothes you’re wearing?
Not comfortable eating that shady looking piece of meat?
Just don’t do it! It’s that simple.

I believe this applies quite heavily in relationships.
And in fact, certain events that transpired in my relationship with R were just what led to A designing this algorithm for me. No regrets, no hard feelings against the other person.

Past Me


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