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February 8, 2012

I wonder

by thebirdieflies

Future Me,

I wonder, have you

  • broken any bones?
  • got stitches?
  • got chicken pox?

Cuz, you know, I haven’t still. I hope you didn’t get any of those.
Especially not chicken pox. Ugh.
This might seem to be too strong an attachment to something as materialistic as your body and your looks, but I hope you never get any lasting damage.
And this might seem too vain, but I’d rather die than be disfigured or left handicapped.

Come on man, you only get one body.
And everyone should love theirs be happy with it (as long as they’re healthy).
It’s your body, man. It’s never ugly.

Past Me

February 5, 2012

28 Watched, 222 Left

by thebirdieflies

One of my goals this semester was to watch 50 out of IMDB’s 250 Top Movies.
At the time that I started with this goal, I believe about 16 or so I’d already seen.

It’s not an important goal, of course. It doesn’t have priority over academics or other extra-curricular activities, the non-laptop ones. It’s just a side-goal, part of my efforts to watch good cinema. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than to be able to append an asterisk to a name in a long list of names, and watch the asterisks build up.
What can I say, I love ticking things off lists! 😀

The ones I watched recently are (in alphabetical order; because what’s better than a list? An ARRANGED list!):
12 Angry Men
American History X
Forrest Gump
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Pulp Fiction
Requiem For a Dream
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Pianist
The Prestige
To Kill a Mockingbird

Of these, I found Requiem for a Dream, The Pianist and American History X extremely disturbing. However, while I think I can watch the last two again, I doubt I’ll ever want to watch Requiem for a Dream again. Everyone’s just hurtling towards disaster in the movie.
Forrest Gump has excellent acting, but I believe that’s the only thing in it. The story is passable, and it’s everything but inspiring, watching a slow-witted man go from one good fortune to another, just walking through life, telling everyone that if a slow-witted can make it, then so should you. That’s just how I saw the movie, I’m sure it means other things to other people.
12 Angry Men is excellent. Eternal Sunshine has crappy science in it, so does The Prestige, so they fell a little flat on me. But they’re still good in many other ways.

Honestly, this little semester-goal for me was a really good idea. Films like these are excellent windows to cultural and social sideshows like drug-addiction, neo-Nazism, life in a mental hospital, the proceedings of a criminal court case, magical illusions, life being a mobster etc.

February 5, 2012


by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

You know how you used to not want to do something but unwillingly gave in because you thought the other person seemed to have something of a point?
Well, A designed an algorithm and I’m writing it down here because you should try your best to remember it and apply it.
I must say, his algorithm is pretty fair.

For x being something that you don’t want to do,
Is it something that affects you?
Do you want to do it?
If the first answer is yes and the second answer is not yes (it may be ‘maybe’), then don’t do it.

It’s that simple.
A blanket ban on anything that you aren’t comfortable doing.
Not comfortable getting a lift from strangers?
Not comfortable going to that party?
Not comfortable wearing the clothes you’re wearing?
Not comfortable eating that shady looking piece of meat?
Just don’t do it! It’s that simple.

I believe this applies quite heavily in relationships.
And in fact, certain events that transpired in my relationship with R were just what led to A designing this algorithm for me. No regrets, no hard feelings against the other person.

Past Me