I Like

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

What do you like about what you are doing? Do you like your life? Your job? Do you get to do the stuff you want to do? Do you bake occasionally? Photograph? Play with colours? Write short stories? Travel?
What do you like about who you are? Are you comfortable with the way you are, or do you feel a need to change yourself? Do you think you aren’t as good a person as you should be? Do you take people for granted? Are you not honest with yourself and with the people you love? How’s it going with the parents?

I will tell you what I like about myself.
I like that I am a very honest person. I find it difficult to tell lies, but then again, I don’t think I have to (well, mostly) because I don’t think I do anything wrong.
I think one needs to be convinced in the correct-ness of what one is doing, because otherwise, one will never be able to do it. And if I am convinced that I am right, then I don’t need to be ashamed of it, right?
Sometimes I lie to avoid confrontation resulting from a difference in opinion.

I like that I try to keep an open mind. I realise the subtle difference between trying to, and actually doing it. I realise that I’m not always successful. But the ‘trying to’ part ensures that I keep asking relevant questions that prevent my brain from closing up.

I like that I have low expectations from people. The way it works is, if I start building expectations, they will one day soar so high that no one will be able to fulfil them. Then my expectations won’t be met and I will be utterly and sorely depressed. So, I keep my expectations low. That way, even the littlest things seem surprising and amazing and I love people all the more for it.

Aaand, I like my legs. Haha.

Past Me With Ze Sexeh Legs


8 Comments to “I Like”

  1. Enjoyed reading your letter. Love the concept of your blog.
    Letters are lovely 🙂 Especially, the snail mail kind.

  2. My best friend introduced me to letter-writing for fun, some years back.
    I think letters are very personal, and that’s what makes them so much lovelier 🙂
    Do you write any?

  3. I do, but only to my grandparents. The rest of my little world prefers to communicate via phone calls/text messages/emails. I enjoy writing letters, but not as much as I do receiving them! Do you write letters on a strictly virtual basis?

  4. Same here. I love receiving letters. That’s my incentive for making the effort to write letters 😛
    I write physical letters most of the time. That’s what my best friend introduced me to. We would write each other letters even though we were in the same school and spent most of our free time together.
    I also find it helpful to write out my anger/annoyance to a person on a piece of paper. Sometimes I give it to them, sometimes not.

  5. Haha, yeah. I haven’t written a letter for a long time because I’ve stopped getting any response! I’ve never tried writing out my anger on a piece of paper – usually it all just comes tumbling out of my big mouth. Although I do remember reading about doing this somewhere.

  6. Aww. You could write to me, if you want. I promise to reply. 😀

  7. You don’t know how much I love letters – I’d take you up on that.

  8. Okay, you want to start on emails? 😀
    If yes, I will send you an email on your email ID.

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