Of Doing Things

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

I decided that I should leave you some sort of a list. Later, it will be so much fun to tick things off them. Or to see how much our priorities have changed?

1. Have a cat of your own! It entails having your own house to live in.
2. I hope it is a good house. At least, a house that you are happy in.
3. Travel, travel, travel. Once upon a time, you had decided to save up madly for a year or two, then blow up everything on a mad trip to everywhere, then begin afresh on the career scene. I don’t know how feasible you think this is now, but I would like to think you still have a touch of your optimism and spontaneity left in you.
4. Buy yourself that dSLR, that I’m still saving up money for. Nearly got 1/3rd of the cost now.
5. Be a photographer. Maybe not a full-time professional photographer. Maybe just a freelancer. Or maybe just a hobbyist, who photographs when she finds time.
6. Please still be taking time out for yourself. Bake some new stuff. I learnt a few neat things this summer, I hope you have built upon those skills.
7. Learn a new language. Even if it is but broken.
8. Learn to dance. Just a little bit.
9. Do something fantastic and crazy. Skydive, or bungee-jump. Learn to surf.

I can’t think of other stuff. I am sure there are many more. I have a lot that I expect out of you.

Past Me


3 Responses to “Of Doing Things”

  1. I like you blog, quite a nice idea ;). I’ve made so many lists of just one or two things in the moment of what I want to do that, I really have no idea what I want to do XD. I also have “wants” to start doing some photography, drawing/painting and writing. Just some creative things would be really nice to develop on hehe.

    And learning new languages… God haha… I’m thinking I should stop doing that considering how much I confuse my self with learning a little of different languages and stuff. But hey that’s nice!

  2. Hey
    Thanks a lot.

    “I’ve made so many lists of just one or two things in the moment of what I want to do that, I really have no idea what I want to do XD.” – I know, I want to keep a official record so that I can be reminded of it every time I read it and be motivated to actually carry it out 😀


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