Of Steve Jobs And Death

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

Steve Jobs died today.
You were strangely unaffected.

When it comes to death, you used to think that you’d rather die yourself than have to live through someone else’s death. Someone who is closer to you than Steve Jobs, obviously.
You weren’t afraid of death because once you die, everything ceases to make a difference. In death, it doesn’t matter if your life goals were left unaccomplished, whether your family and friends are mourning your death or going on with their lives like every other day, whether you would miss someone. You wouldn’t miss anyone; the part of your brain that makes you miss people will be busy decomposing. You wouldn’t feel pain; your nerves wouldn’t be firing pain impulses anymore. You wouldn’t feel remorse or regret; your head, that keeps track of what you always wanted to do before dying, will be lying useless, blood slowly congealing in their veins.

You used to hope that to die young, so that you don’t have to witness too many deaths, and you don’t have to suffer old age and illnesses.

It would be sadly ironic if you are reading this at the ripe old age of 98 years.

Past Me


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