Of That Day

by thebirdieflies

Dear Future Me

Do you remember that day you had gone for a literature fest and your best friend, who you had liked for quite some time, had asked you out? You need to remember that feeling – the multiple belly flips when you told him that sometimes it feels like you are dating him already. And the awkwardness of the ensuing discussion. And those words that he spoke – “So, do you want to go out with me?”
The way they sounded, and the way they made your heart beat just a little faster. Then when it hit you, that you would have to tell everyone in your college because they deserved to know, and the way they would smirk and say that they knew it all along. You were afraid. He sat there and hugged you and held you till you felt better. You decided you wouldn’t tell your friends about it until the whole thing had sunk in a bit.

It isn’t as if you didn’t hope for it all along, but you hadn’t allowed yourself to consider it. You were sure that it wouldn’t work out, and you might have to lose a really good friend. But of late, you had let yourself go. You had allowed yourself to sit and think about it and imagine yourself dating that guy. You had even hoped, somewhere, that he would ask you out.

And then he did.
You’re happy now, aren’t you, that you dated him?
You were still smiling as you were writing this. You were nervous, just a little bit, but excited too, to see how it would unfold. Good times lay ahead. 🙂

Past Me


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