by thebirdieflies

The sky is beginning to lighten.
It is nearly 6 am, and I have just finished an assignment that is due in 3 hours.

I want to write, but nothing worth reading is coming to my mind. I want to lie down, and drift off to sleep, but I am not particularly sleepy. My stomach is rumbling faintly, but I wouldn’t call myself hungry. My clothes are uncomfortable, but I don’t feel like changing.

The sky is getting lighter and lighter with every word that I type.
Right now, it looks like an overcast sky, dark with heavy rain clouds.
If you look for a while, you can fool yourself into believing that it isn’t dawn. it is late evening and it is going to rain.
Oh look, there’s an aeroplane!

Oh look, trees are forming shadows now.

I think I will go to bed now. My shoulder aches from sitting on this horrid chair.

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